All About The vivo V21

The stylishly compact and technologically advanced mobile phone, the Vivo V21 has been one of the most sought after mobiles by youngsters. . vivo v21 Equipped with good specifications and impressive features, the Vivo V21is an ideal option that’s currently available at an affordable starting price of Rs 28,900. The phone features a slick slip free grip and is extremely comfortable to carry. Users will not regret buying the Vivo V 21 because it offers features like superb image quality, high resolution camera, impressive internet browser, good connectivity, and plenty of memory. Further, it also comes with a very attractive price tag.

The Vivo V 21 has the advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth and USB 2.0. It also comes with the complete suite of Google apps pre-installed and offers users a complete travel package including Google Maps, Google Talk, Chrome, Google+, Gmail, and many more. All these facilities make the Vivo smartphones extremely popular with youngsters. Apart from this, the Vivo smartphone offers many innovative smartphone features such as, picture messaging, games, music player, MMS, instant messenger, and plenty more.

One of the important features like which makes the Vivo V 21 extremely popular among youngsters is the slide out keyboard. The Vivo smartphone allows the users to easily access emails, text messages, contact numbers, and the web browser. Furthermore, it offers other facilities like the multitasking facility, document viewing and uploads, online game downloads, and so on. With the slide out keyboard, typing text messages becomes a pleasure. Even the users find it easier to type messages using the keyboard instead of the touchscreen.

The dual camera facility in the handset helps to enhance the clarity and quality of the images taken by the smartphone. The optical zoom facility helps the users to click images with fine details. Moreover, the vivid colors and sharp image capture is made possible due to the live touch up feature that provides the users with a realistic recreation of the scene. The OIS OBB medium density technology helps in enhancing the clarity of the images shot by the smartphones. The users can also enjoy excellent video experience with the help of the device’s built in video recorder.

The Vivo V 21 has been equipped with an iris scanner that allows the user to take facial shots automatically. This implies that the selfies taken with the OBB medium density will be much better than the ones taken with the previous smartphones. Further, the Vivo smartphone also comes with various useful features like, double zoom, panorama, time lapse, and so on. Thus, the OBB medium density also boosts the functionality of the selfies taken by the smartphone.

The front camera of the vivo v 21 is one of the best mobile phone cameras available in the industry currently. The 16 mega pixel front camera is equipped with the aptics that are capable of detecting even minor differences in light. Further, it also comes with auto focus as well as facial recognition technology that ensures that you do not miss a single face in the crowd during your party.

The rear camera of the vivo v 21 is also quite impressive. It has an eight mega pixel camera that can snap images in clear detail. In addition, the OBB medium density helps in enabling the smartphone to capture high resolution images. The front and back cameras of the Vivo V 21 are also quite good in terms of picture quality.

On the whole, the front and back cameras of the Vivo V 21 are the most impressive. This is the reason why the front and back cameras of the Vivo V 21 are being used in many famous marketing campaigns today. There are many other high end smartphones that come with OBB medium density but the main highlight is the superior picture quality and user friendly features of the vivo v 21. You can easily buy this smartphone in any store today and use it under any circumstances. All you need to do is install the OBB firmware and enjoy your first OBB selfies!

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